Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bamboo Limbs

I've taken a gamble and ordered some Recurve Bamboo Limbs from Custom Built Archery. Will certainly be writing up about these when I receive them as there doesn't seem to be many reviews around.

Update: No bamboo limbs for me, they are out of stock, so I've gone for SF Fibre Foam instead, I'll write up how I get on with them. At the moment though, I've pulled my shoulder so I'm having a bit of trouble pulling them through my clicker. Might have to drop them down to 28 lb as my bow is maxed out.

It's quite interesting that under a year ago I was pulling 18lb's and now I'm on 30lb's - I'll probably stop at these and see how I get on with the longer distances in the Summer.

I suppose I could still order the Bamboo ones and use them for Field Archery, hmm watch this space ...

Fairbow at Stratford Archery Club

Fairbow Archery Show
What a disappointment!  Visited the Fairbow show on Saturday and it was a dead loss.  The arrow making was interesting and the guy was really friendly and knowledgeable, but there was only one stall selling gear.  It certainly wasn't anything like the picture on the right.

Was also expecting to shoot for free as advertised and it turned out to be £19.00 per session and we were told to come back at 2.00 as the morning session had started and the second session was full.

Watched as some other people left too.  One woman who was contemplating buying a bow was told that after 3 arrows she couldn't shoot any more unless she paid another £9.00 for 3 arrows.

Another fellow archer from my club had a totally different experience and shot for free from 12.00 until 4.00, tried out different bows and had a great day - that's what I was expecting.  What a let down and I'm so sorry for my brother-in-law and wife who travelled from Wales for this event.  We all left feeling quite fed up.  It could have been amazing if there were more stands there and we actually got to shoot.